Saturday, December 1, 2007


We (Aubrey and I) went to the lake today and hit a couple of good hills on a 6 mile run. The hill workout felt really good, like we were definitely getting some good out of it. I really think that hill workouts will make or break a long distance race. Apparently, a lot of the ultras that I am looking at have quite a few hills and living here in Lubbock will be a huge disadvantage since it is so flat. Out at Buffalo Springs Lake and the surrounding canyons there are several good climbs but it's kind of a pain in the ass to drive out there, run, and then come home, especially on work days.

I plan on heading out to 1585 tomorrow and putting in about 8 miles even though it is kind of a pancake-flat run. I really wish I had more time during the week to ramp up my mileage. Like I said before, working nights just freaking kills me. Hopefully that will all change soon.

I need to get back to the grocery store and get some good fuel back in the house. During my time off I ate like crap and I could sure tell the difference. Ever since I became vegetarian my energy levels have just soared and my gut feels so much better especially on long runs. I need to get some more good recipes and get to cooking. Living in what seems to be the "beef industry capital of the universe" makes it somewhat difficult. I swear that Texans are some of the biggest devout carnivores around. It's just hilarious when my crew at work refers to my supper as "twigs and berries." Sigh.

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