Friday, December 28, 2007


Ok, so I've worked the last 6 out of 7 days due to the holidays and every one of them has sucked. Working that much in a row at night will just kill you. I am exhausted and trying to fight off a cold or something. I'm sure I'll be over it soon but it certainly takes a toll. I got out and ran a relaxing 5.5 miles yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed it. I need to go long tomorrow afternoon so hopefully I will be feeling good.
According to my boss, I will be going to days in about 3 weeks. I have to orient a new nurse for two weeks and then I am going to move to days and start training with our clinical educator. I am also getting ready to start working on my BSN online and should be able to finish that up in about 18 months or so. Also, I need to get my CEN. All while training for a 50 miler. Is it possible?? We shall see.

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