Thursday, December 31, 2009


I got the MT100's in yesterday and have worn them around today. I'm not saying too much yet, but so far they are pretty damn nice. They are very much what I look for in a shoe. Majorly lightweight, flexible, no extra cushioning, or other crap that we don't need. So far, so good!
So on a training note, I'm out and about doing a little running here and there and feeling pretty good, so I'm gonna pick up the mileage this weekend and see how I'm feeling. Like I said before, it's gonna take me busting my hump to get ready for Rocky. Six 50 milers this year was a rockin year for me and I'm hopin my body will remember. Of course, it may remember, and then say, "Oh, HELL NO!" ha

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Am I a Scrooge?

I have to honestly say that I am so glad the Holidays are over! They wear me the Hell out!
Maybe I can focus now. I'm seriously wondering if I will be able to get ready for a 50 miler in 5 weeks. I think I may be really cutting it close. I'll really need to bust my ass! Anybody have thoughts on that? If not Rocky Raccoon then maybe Cross Timbers?
I've been training a lot in my Fivefingers, however, I went ahead and ordered a new pair of the MT100's by New Balance. I just don't think that you should skimp on the rock protection offered by a good trail shoe during an ultra. I think that running Rocky in the Fivefingers would be a blast simply because that course is so amazingly soft!
Ok, so it'll be interesting to see what my body can do within five weeks. The race is on!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Howdy Again

Ok, so I've been told that my blog is sucking. Point well taken.
I am, believe it or not, still alive and kicking! I was out of running for most of November due to an old back injury flare up but I'm back in the saddle and ramping up for Rocky Raccoon 50 in February. Following that I have plans to race Bataan in March. Dave "I'm Your Huckleberry" Elliott invited me to go and I thought "Hell yeah!" Bataan is an amazing race, and I highly recommend it. Dave will be going heavy, carrying a 35 lb rucksack on his back. That scares me, quite frankly. I prefer running 26.2, rather than slogging along with a big pack on my back, so KUDOS to you, Dave! Hoorah!
I am still trying to wrap my brain around a 100 miler for this next year but haven't decided which one as of yet. Anyone know of a good 100 miler out there that feels more like 50? ha
Anyway, I will be back on board with the blog thing more often and keep ya all posted!