Sunday, August 31, 2008

8/31/2008 New Mexico Marathon

I tried to blog a little this morning from my cell phone while I was waiting for the race to start but I couldn't log on from there. Oh, well. As I said before, Aubrey and I just used this race as a training run. We used a run 20 minutes/walk 5 minutes ratio and we only finished 15 minutes slower than last year when we ran the whole thing and hurt like hell afterwards. This was MUCH better. The day couldn't have been any better. It was completely overcast and cool, like in the 60's all morning. There were plenty of fun people on the course as well which always makes the time more endurable. We finished in around 4:28 I think. As you can see from the course profile there is a great long downhill part of the race. This is why I think that this would be a great course for a marathon PR or to try and qualify for Boston if that's what your into. I'm not!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Ok, so Aubrey and I got out and ran 8 miles this morning as a last minute training run before our BIG training run this weekend. We are stoked and ready to go. I always love heading out of town for races. Albuquerque is a great place for a marathon. I am going to rest up for the next couple of days and then be ready to roll. I work again tomorrow and then off for the weekend. I will let ya know how it goes on Sunday night. Til then, wish me luck!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Man, what a lazy ass I've been. Well, not really. In all actuality I've been busy as Hell this week. I've been in hospital and nursing orientation during the day Monday-Friday and then we've had the kids' open house at school two different nights, with baseball games, and post-wedding parties, and the list goes on and on. Anyway, needless to say, I've not been able to get much running in. I ran a whole 2.6 miles yesterday in the middle of everything. Yeah, that'll help! Finally today I set my alarm early enough that I was able to get out of bed and head out for a really nice 15 miles. Believe it or not I felt really good. Maybe the time off helped or something. I was really pleased with how it went. I head back to work Monday and Tuesday then I can get in another 15-18 miles in before the marathon on Sunday.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Another beautiful day for running! 65 degrees overcast with no wind. It just doesn't get much better. Also I had a new running partner for today. Her name is Tricia and she is a travel nurse from Montana. She works in the recovery room at UMC with my wife. I met her for the first time at Deborah's wedding where we danced and drank wine. haha Anyway, her son-in-law was killed in Iraq almost a year ago and she and her daughters made up their minds to run the Marine Corp Marathon in October in memoriam. She came over last night for supper and as we got to talking I found our that she was needing to run 12 miles today. What a coincidence! Me too! So she came over this morning about 0930 and we took off out to 1585. This was to be her longest run to date and she was thrilled to have the company. Anyway, her pace is considerably slower than mine but it worked out well since I could run ahead and then loop back to pick her up. She did really well and I feel like she is right on target to run the marathon quite comfortably in October. All in all, it was a really nice run. My total mileage for the day ended up being 12.8 miles. I am still really feeling good so I'm stoked. And Tricia was totally elated at making the 12 miles. Man, I love running!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


It rained like crazy last night. The whole town is flooded still. 1585 wasn't too bad so I was able to get out there and run a cool 8 miler. It was still relatively overcast and the high for today was only 76 degrees. VERY nice! I am going to have to run alone for the next week since Aubrey and his wife left this morning for an Alaskan Cruise. They'll be gone for a week. I'm jealous! Kelli and I have been wanting to do that for years. Oh, well, maybe in the near future. Anyway, training is going well and I'm feeling good. It's great to be home. I miss my friends in Hobbs but I plan on pulling some extra shifts there as much as possible for extra money. I am hopefully going to be able to get out and run 10-12 miles tomorrow. We'll see.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I talked to Aubrey last night while he was at work and he wasn't sure if he would run this morning since he was working all night. He's an RN in a Pediatric ICU, just in case I haven't ever mentioned it here. Anyway, I told him if he wanted to run then just to call on his way home around 0730 or so. If he didn't call I would get to sleep late and run later in the afternoon. I woke up around 0800 and he hadn't called yet so I fell back to sleep. Then..........he called. haha He had gone out to breakfast with his wife and in-laws. Anyway, we headed out to 1585 around 0900 or so and ran a really great 10 miles. Both of us are feeling really strong on the longer runs which makes me really happy. I was even able to bump it up to a 7:45 pace for the last mile. I won't be able to run again until tomorrow evening after work. I work 0700-1900 tomorrow and Friday.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Today was FANTASTIC!! It's cloudy and cool, and it rained all night. I got up fairly early for me, around 0830, and Aubrey and I hit the road out on 1585. We ran a nice, round 10 miles, maybe just a little over. The coolness made it a lot easier and more enjoyable. My training is fairly on track I think. We'll up the mileage next week to 12 and 15 miles then get in an 18 miler or so the following week before the New Mexico Marathon. Now that I am home it will be a little easier.
I start tomorrow in the ER at Covenant. I will be on orientation for around 5 or 6 weeks. A little long for an old ER vet but oh, well, I will enjoy it. I am really happy to be home and can't wait to start loading the house up with good groceries and start cooking again. I may try and do a detox for a couple of days before I get back to really focusing on my diet. I need to find some fantastic vegetarian recipes and get to cookin'.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Well, today's Deborah and Scott's big day! Deborah is my wife's older sister and she is getting married today. This is her first, and hopefully ONLY, marriage so it's a pretty big deal. Anyway, I'm an usher so I've had to be part of the rehearsal and all that kind of stuff. I'm ready for it all to be over with. haha My wife tells me to shut up cuz I ain't having to deal with ALL of it like she is. She's the Maid of Honor so she's been pretty busy too. With all the wedding stuff and family coming in and all that jazz I wasn't able to run yesterday at all. I did, however, make it out this morning for a 5 mile speed workout. I'm feeling pretty good out there so that's a plus. Amyway, once we're all settled and everything I can pick up the mileage. Gotta get ready for New Mexico.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well, not a whole lot to report yet. Aubrey and I ran 6 miles on Monday and I felt really strong. However, I ran only a mile yesterday because my stomach wasn't very happy. It's all better now but damn! We got out today on 1585 and ran 5 miles. Fairly short I know but I will hopefully build my mileage fairly quickly now that I am going to be home. I am planning on 8-10 miles tomorrow, longer if I feel like it. Mom and Dad are coming into town tomorrow mid-afternoon because my sister-in-law is getting married on Friday "08/08/08." Cute, huh? Anyway, I have to wear an effing tux which I am none too happy about. They are fabric torture devices as far as I am concerned. ha On the other hand, my little sister is planning on getting married next year and I've been told that I will have to wear Wranglers and boots. If you know anything about me then you know that Wranglers and boots are the LAST thing that I would choose to wear ANYWHERE. Texan, or not! ha I have warned her that if I have to wear Wranglers, I will stick the largest pair of tube socks I can find into the front of my jeans and wear them proudly! Needless to say I have been warned by my Mother. Oh, well, wish my luck.........again.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Well, I am almost done with the contract in Hobbs. I only have two days left, next Saturday and Sunday. I am ready, ready, ready!
Ok, so of course I didn't run while I was there but tonight Aubrey and I ran 4 miles and I felt pretty decent. I have six days off and I plan on running all of them. We have definitely decided to run the New Mexico Marathon this month too so that will make for a good training run. We aren't going to approach it as a marathon "race" per se but just as the good training run. The NM Marathon is a smaller field than your typical marathon, usually around 300 or so. It's a beautiful course with the first 8 miles being gently uphill then you make a left hand turn and run downhill for 6 miles. It IS a Boston qualifier so if that's what you were into then it would really be a great race to use. With the downhills you can definitely make up some time. Anyway, we'll see how everything goes.