Saturday, December 8, 2007


I only got to log 4 miles yesterday. I just didn't feel very good and I also knew that I had to go to work so that didn't motivate me much either. was fantastic! I went out to Horseshoe Bend Canyon and put in 8 miles on tough hills. It was about 40 degrees with just a slight breeze. There was a fog coming in over the ridge and snowy-looking, overcast skies. It gave the canyon a majestic visage. The scenery was just beautiful. I felt really good and strong on this run so that is encouraging. Even on the tough uphills, one of which is approx. 1.2 miles, I felt fresh. I'm not sure whether or not there are many hills at Rocky Raccoon but I don't think so. The hill training can only help on later ultras that I plan on running, e.g. Jemez, and maybe Leadville. I don't know if I can be ready for Leadville but I am sure going to try. Again, I really need to focus on my diet, logging the miles, and keeping myself in great shape. Ain't life grand?!!

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