Friday, November 30, 2007


I've been at work the last two nights and it always wipes me out so I haven't run in two days. Things are supposed to be shifting at work and hopefully after the first of the year I will be moving to days as the EC Clinical Educator. It would be much better hours than I am on right now. I love teaching and I've been working ER for a long time so hopefully I will be a good candidate for the position. One thing that stokes me about it all is being able to get off of nights. I just don't really feel like a human when I work nights. I feel fatigued even after a good night's sleep and it wreaks havoc with my training. If I move to the Educator position I figure I can get up a little earlier and run the 7.5 miles to work and then just shower when I get there. That would be an amazingly simple way to get my weekly miles in. Kelli could just drive me home after work (or I could run).
My plans for this weekend are to run an 8 or 10 miler tomorrow and another 8 or so on Sunday so that will be nice. Happy trails!

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