Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Got Rid of Some Wild Hair

Ok, I know that most people "GET a wild hair" and do this kind of stuff but in my case, "I got RID of some wild hair." I guess I finally just got tired of it. I've kept my hair buzzed for the last 5 years and just started growing it in December because a coworker wanted to see what it would look like. Stupid, I know, but I did it anyway. Well, no more. haha Back to the original. Send me some comments, peeps, and let me know what ya think.


I woke up early again today for some stupid reason. Not sure why I'm not sleeping that great. Anyway, Aubrey came over around 9am and we ran a little 4 miler out on 1585. There were some storms in the area overnight so it was fairly humid. Even at 9am it was starting to get pretty hot. I'm glad we got the run done early cuz right now it's freaking hot outside. Aubrey has to go back to work tonight so I doubt that he will run tomorrow but I am hoping to put in some miles. No specific plans as of yet but I definitely plan on running. Then back to Hobbs on Thursday. Gag! Just ready to be home!

Monday, July 28, 2008


Okey dokey, I made it out to the hospital today and got my TB test and my pee test all done. The results should be in by Wednesday. Not that I am concerned with either. Tonight, Aubrey and I made it out to 1585 and ran a little over 8 miles. It was a nice cool evening so it made it a pretty nice. I felt really good on this run as well so I am really pleased. We'll do something a little shorter tomorrow then I will be on my own for Wednesday. Not sure what the plan will be for that day.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Wow! It's been awhile. Sorry for being so neglectful of this thing. Anyway, I actually HAVE been running some which is good. Aubrey is really getting back into to it as well. He got a wild hair and registered for the Mother Road 100 in November. So this in turn will inspire me to run a little more. We ran 4 miles yesterday and 6 today and then we'll go a little farther tomorrow. Aubrey has actually surpassed me in mileage over the last couple of weeks since I have been in Hobbs so much. I only have a couple of weeks left there. I go tomorrow to get my paperwork done for Covenant and I am ready to get started. At this point in my training or lack thereof, I am not going to be able to run Lean Horse. I'm disappointed but trying to be smart as well. We may try and run the New Mexico Marathon at the end of August as a training run in it's place. I'm ready to get settled again and get busy training.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Late posting this since it was so busy yesterday. I was able to get in 8+ miles with Aubrey out on 1585. I am still feeling really good on my runs but am having serious doubts as to whether or not I can ramp the miles enough to get ready for Lean Horse. This will be the second ultra I've had to back out of this year if that's the case. I really don't want that to happen but I don't want to deal with an injury either. I will proceed with caution and continue preparing for Lean Horse and play it by ear.
On a lighter note, Covenant ER called yesterday and offered me a job. I am really thrilled and excited about that. I am stoked about being able to be at home and maybe get life back on course in the meantime.
Zach and I bought an Xbox 360 yesterday with his bday money. It's going to be badass too so I am going to have to peel myself away from that as well. haha

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well, I never did go for a run yesterday. Just being damn lazy!! I DID get out today and do a 7.6 mile out and back/loop-type thing around the neighborhood. It's cool and cloudy out today so I probably should have done more but like I said, "I'm just being damn lazy!" I really need to find some motivation from somewhere. I haven't registered for Lean Horse yet so maybe that would be a little bit of incentive for me. I also really need to find a job back here in Lubbock so I can get refocused. Hopefully soon!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I'm a little late posting this I suppose. Today's actually the 8th. Anyway, on the 6th Aubrey and I had a chance late in the afternoon to put in about 6 miles. I am feeling really good on my runs but of course I haven't done any kind of serious distance. Right now life is kind of getting in the way. On the days that I am off, Kelli is at work and I am at home with the kids. They aren't quite old enough to stay home alone while I go for a long run so I am having to wait until Kelli gets home and by that time the day is running short. It's so much easier to do when they are in school. Anyway, tonight I am going to try to get in an 8 or 10 miles hopefully. I will post an entry later tonight if I'm successful. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


My cell phone started ringing this morning at what I consider to be a fairly early hour. I was sound asleep. Apparently, Aubrey had been at work all night and was ready to go run at 8am. He said he was getting very focused on his running now. I told him that just because HE was focused (finally after 5 months), it didn't mean he could wake ME up at 8 in the am! ha Anyway, I went ahead and rolled my lazy ass out of bed and we headed out to 1585 and ran an easy 6 miles. It really felt good to get out there earlier than usual. It was much cooler and less traffic.

I head back to Hobbs for the next 3 days but I am hoping to run at least one of them. I guess we'll see. I am really ready to be home for awhile.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I think..........no, I KNOW I've been spending more time on the elliptical than out on the road. That's not good. I've really been doing some thinking and I have pretty much decided that I need to settle back down and talk to one of the hospitals here and head to one of the ER's here in Lubbock. Life is just a little too unpredictable while travel nursing. Plus with me wanting to start back to school this fall I need to be home. Aubrey and I got out and ran a simple 4 miler this morning and I felt really good. Maybe the trainer is actually helping. ha Anyway, we are supposed to get out again in the am. I'll let ya know what I find out tomorrow afternoon about work and my run. Stay tuned, peeps.