Sunday, December 30, 2007


Man, I feel like hammered shit!! I haven't been sick in two years so this is beating me down big time. I decided to just take today off and not sweat it. I don't want to literally run myself into the ground. The kids have been gone all week with my parents in Dumas so Kelli and I haven't had to worry about them which has made recovering a little easier. We are going to pick them up tomorrow and I really hope that I am feeling better.
On a lighter note, Kelli has made the decision to get back in shape. I am extremely happy about that, bless her heart. I know that her life will be even better once she has become more fit. It's the little things in life that we have to enjoy. And it's much easier to get in shape sooner than later. We are going to get a nice elliptical trainer from her sister which I am really excited about. It'll be a great exercise for Kelli and I can set it up for good hill training for me without having to drive 20 miles to Horseshoe Bend.

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