Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I was able to get out and put in a nice easy 5.2 mile loop today. I just did a loop from my house around to Indiana, out to 1585 over to University and then back down to 108th and then to the house. It's a nice little run but not much of a shoulder to run on which makes me nervous when the traffic is thick. I need to talk to Kelli about finding a place out in the country so I can find some trails and less traffic. Uggh, moving sucks though.

I probably won't get to run tomorrow unless I make it happen before I go to bed after work. I always find that to be pretty tough since I am usually exhausted. However, I definitely need to be getting in more weekly mileage than I am right now. I probably just need to be patient and know that it will all happen the way it's supposed to. This weekend I plan on putting together back-to-back long runs on Saturday and Sunday. Maybe 12 miles one day and then 12 or 15 the next. I guess we'll see. I haven't really had any problems recovering after each run so that's encouraging. I also need to get started on some kind of core workout as well.

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