Saturday, December 15, 2007


For today's run we were back out at Horseshoe Bend Canyon for a 12 mile hill workout. It started off really "iffy" because my whole body just felt stiff. However, after the first half mile or possibly less...........I felt fantastic. It's amazing how the body adapts so quickly. Once you have a good base then your body will simply take care of everything else. The hills have become so much easier now. I really wish that I had some that were a little steeper but these will do okay for now. I am really jealous of the people that live close to fantastic trail running venues like Colorado, just to name the closest one to me. I have made the comment before that our lives are built on choices. By that I mean that we choose where we live and with that comes the abundance or lack thereof of great running venues. One day in the future I may take my own advice and talk to my family about choosing to make a move................but not right now.

Hopefully back out to Horseshoe Bend tomorrow for 15 miles.

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