Monday, December 8, 2008

12/8/2008 Rainy days and Mondays

Rainy days and Monday always get me down! That's actually a bunch of bullshit but I liked the song growing up. LOL It definitely is Monday today and it definitely IS raining but I be feelin ok. No running today simply because I'm tired from working last night. It was busy again, as usual. I thought I would get up a little earlier this afternoon and plod out a few miles but with the rain I am going to have to pick the kids up at school. They don't have far to walk but Zach has percussion equipment and I don't want it to get wet. Costs too much! Aubrey and I will try again in the am to see if we can get out there but Mondays are usually hell at work so I will have to play it by ear. Bandera's not too far away so I need to get some good runs in.

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AnthonyP said...

All that rain and some snow is heading my my way !!!