Saturday, December 13, 2008

12/13/2008 Whoo Hoo

Ok, so Aubrey joined me this afternoon and we ran a fantastic 5 miles out on 1585. The wind was pretty outrageous so we parked his car at the first mile and then ran east to my car 5 miles down the road with the wind at our backs. It was really nice! My legs felt really good and so did everything else. I was actually able to kick it up for the last 200 yards to a 5:03 pace! Anyway, we are heading back out tomorrow for a little longer run for me and then Aubrey will catch on to the back side of my run. Hopefully 8 or 10 miles will happen for me. I'll let ya know. Hopefully I've beaten the African Sleeping Sickness! We shall see!


AnthonyP said...

Well done. It is 6:30 AM here, and 20 degrees outside...I'm not looking forward to hitting the trails.

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

I bet you're not! 20 degrees is pretty freaking cold! Time to put some hand warmers in the ol' jock!