Friday, December 12, 2008

12/12/2008 Lazy Man Sittin!

I've had the last two days off................and haven't done shit but sleep! I've been completely exhausted! I'm wondering if we've had an outbreak of African Sleeping Sickness here in Lubbock!?!? Today marks the one week point since I've run. Last Friday I ran the 10 miler and then I went back to work. It's been really busy and I guess it's just worn me out! I am sitting here trying to kind of force myself out the door for a few miles before work tonight but it just ain't happening. I am just going to put it down to a "well deserved break" and not sweat it. I have Bandera coming up in a month!! I think that my base is good enough to handle any mileage jumps I may have to make in the next couple of weeks, which is good, because I am going to HAVE to make those mileage jumps. Aubrey says that he wants to run tomorrow so that will be a good motivator. He can meet me for the back half of my run, that way I can go longer. Anyway, the plan is to get back into it tomorrow! I have 6 days off after tonight so it should be doable. Now if I can just get over this damn guilt!

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AnthonyP said...

I could use some of that sleep stuff.