Thursday, December 4, 2008


MAN, IT'S CHILLY OUT THERE!! About 39 degrees minus some for wind chill. I bundled up (cuz I'm a puss when it comes to cold) and headed out to 1585. I had originally planned to just put in about 4 miles again and ended up running 6 instead. I just felt pretty good so I kept going. I hit the foam roller before AND after my run and my ITB's are feeling ok. I plan on getting out a little earlier tomorrow and running but I'm not sure what kind of mileage I am going to put in. I guess I'll figure it out while I'm out there.

Okay, so Kelli and I want to go tomorrow night and see the movie, Twilight! We've been wanting to go since it came out but haven't had the time. If you haven't read the books, you need to! They're really amazing. They are actually written for older teens and younger adults but Kelli and I both have read the entire series and thoroughly enjoyed them.


AnthonyP said...

Its getting cold here as well. We are supposed to get a bit of the white stuff on Sunday.

PJ said...

Twilight, huh? I'll have to put it on my long list of things I want to read but can't (My reading is always tied up in school). You'll have to let me know about the movie. I hear it was a total teenager movie (which isn't a bad thing!).