Thursday, December 18, 2008

12/18/2008 Spurring in the New Year

I thought about making this post a recap of the last year and as I was typing...........I got hand cramps. A LOT has happened this year! I'm just going to let the previous sentence suffice for all I have (or had) to say! I have even MORE stuff planned for '09 so I am primed and ready to go. Aubrey and I put in a nice, easy 8 miles this morning and had a great time. The weather was perfect! I head back to work tomorrow for a 5 night workfest which sucks big time. Again, I really hate work.
It's obviously the Christmas season so it will be busy for the next week and a half or so but I am hoping to keep the miles coming on a pretty regular basis. With Bandera looming on the horizon I feel that I need to put on the proverbial spurs and kick myself into a higher gear. YEE HAW, 2009, HERE I COME!!


Rick Gaston said...

Yeehaw. I can't wait for 09 either but for the moment I'm keeping things on a simmer with short easy runs. No racing or long runs to let everything recover. I am now involved in the one thing I enjoy the least, weight training. Eventually I gotten to enjoy my veggies so hopefully the same will happen with weights.

AnthonyP said...

09 should be great. Hope to see you at several events.