Sunday, December 14, 2008


I really wish that I could have gotten a picture of the wind today. It was gusting up into the 40+ mph range. The sand and dirt that were blowing would have given you a facial that Joan Rivers would be proud of! Anyway, Aubrey and I figured we would wait until the wind laid just a little. So around 5pm or so we headed out to 1585 and the wind was still about 20mph. But it wasn't too cold........yet. We planned on doing the same thing as yesterday by parking our cars 5 miles apart and then just running with the wind at our backs. However, my Xterra's battery cable had other ideas. It just didn't want to start once we got our there so we just called off the run for tonight. Also, about the same time, the cold front from up north blew in and we felt the temperature drop about 20 degrees while we were working on the car. We'll see what we can do tomorrow after I put in a new battery cable.

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