Friday, December 5, 2008


Well, Christmas is just around the corner so I am trying to get as many runs in as I can before the holidays take their usual toll. I always try to keep running but sometimes the snacks and goodies get a little too enticing! Today's run was fantastic! I ran a nice, simple 10 miler with my Ipod out on 1585. The temperature was pretty cold but I made short work of that with my North Face pullover. I love that damn thing! So glad it was on sale that day. haha Anyway, I seem to have completely recovered from the leg "thing." I just keep using the roller and it seems to keep my troubles at bay. I am going to start strength training the legs big time and hitting the hills out at the lake. I think some hill repeats would do my legs some good.

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Bob from said...

Keep rolling' on ... Glad the leg is staying at bay. I am a huge fan of the roller and use it daily.

also not sure if you seen me mention it yet but one of the BEST books in my library is the Trigger Point Workbook. You can get it from Amazon under $15 and well worth it.

Google search it and go to their main site for some samples of the book and if you like it go to Amazon to order it, they have the best price.

Have a great weekend!