Monday, March 31, 2008


My run today was really great. I even saved a life. First things first however, last night I finished up my day with a good 15 minute hill workout on the elliptical. I really like my elliptical, it's tough but really does a good job. So, now then, my run today was great because I actually got to put some distance back into my life. I ran 10 miles out on 1585. It's just farms, cotton fields, and flat as a flitter out there but this morning you couldn't see 20 feet in front of you because of a beautiful, thick fog. It lifted after about a mile. Now, about 3 miles into it I heard a weird noise. It turned out to be a little goat with his head stuck throught the fence and one of his horns was caught. He was screaming his little head off too! Anyway, I couldn't help but help him out. So I ran across the road and helped him get unstuck. It was funny cuz he ran like hell once he was free and went back to the herd. Now I know there are plenty of jokes about Texas and how we "push goats and sheep through the fence" but this was real. I swear!! Ok, so back to the run. Aubrey met me at my 4 mile point and ran the last 6 miles with me. I felt really good today, no aches or pains at all. Once I got home I stretched and used the foam roller for good measure and then later today I will get in an upper body workout and some ab work. Also may do some HIIT on the elliptical for about 15 minutes. We'll see.


AnthonyP said...

A good run...and you were a hero.

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

Crazy how life works out, isn't it??