Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Ok, so Monday and Tuesday we were in the big town of Dumas (where I grew up) to be with my Mom while she had surgery on her thumb. She has really bad arthritis in her thumb joints so the doc replaced the diseased joint. Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, she did really well with the surgery and got to go home the same day and she seems to be doing good today as well. So no run on Tuesday. I did get out today and run my silly little loop around the house. This time I took Zach with me and I'm not sure what happened but he didn't feel very well. I had to keep turning around and picking him up, then slowing down and waiting for him to catch up which made my distance a cute little 3.61 miles at a 9:32 pace. haha So all in all it wasn't a very good training run other than it was better than sitting on the couch. I am hoping that Zach learned a lesson from it which is that he isn't in as good of running shape as he thought he was. I think he realized that he is going to actually have to get out and train to get where he wants to be and not just play on the computer and the Xbox. Time will tell if he learned that lesson or not.

Addendum: 8:oopm
I decided to head out this evening and run a little more so I ran another 3.1 miles. I kept an 8:06 pace and felt really good. I am trying to get my average pace down to about 7:00 or lower for the Bare Buns Run. I want to win that bitch!! Therefore, when I can, I am going to run twice a day. With the new job that shouldn't be too much of a difficulty. We'll see!

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