Friday, March 21, 2008


Well, I think my training is going to be a bit boring, blog-wise, until after the Bare Buns Run. I just ran a 3.2 mile loop around the house at an 8:06 pace. I should be upping my mileage fairly soon to get ready for Jemez but right now my runs are staying short and sweet at a faster pace. It's been kind of nice to have a different focus even though I love going long. I will probably run another 3 or 4 miles tonight when I take Zach to baseball practice as well. Practice is way out in the country so the running venue is a little different which is always nice.

Addendum: 6:00pm
I got to run while Zach was at practice. I ran a 4.25 mile out and back on I-27 at an 8:26 pace. Not a bad run and not a bad total for the day with the 3.2 miles that I ran earlier. I have been feeling really good since I have been using the foam roller on my left leg. I guess it really was ITB syndrome. Oh, long as I can fix it then I'm golden.

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