Monday, March 24, 2008


I got to run two times again today. First off, I have been doing some research on the net about ITB Syndrome. Anyway, several of the studies that I read said that training barefoot can really help in the long haul. So...........I did. Kind of. I have owned a pair of the old style FiveFingers for the last three years and haven't ever really used them for anything. So I broke them out this afternoon and ran 3 miles at an 8:16 pace. To be honest it felt pretty good but I rubbed one helluva blister on my left big toe. haha I guess my feet aren't as tough as I thought they were. Oh, well. So I am going to work on getting me a new pair of the FiveFinger Sprint's and keep up the training. Ok, so then, this evening at Zach's baseball practice I got to run another 3 miles, this time at a 7:54 pace. I am pretty excited about how I'm feeling even while picking up the speed. Watch out, all you naked asses, I'm in it to win it!!

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AnthonyP said...

You are really rolling along.

I had ITBS issues and have a post on my site about it. The foam roller was key for me.