Wednesday, March 12, 2008


First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KISSYFUR!! Today is my little sister's 28th birthday, unbelievable that she is that old. Of course that also makes ME older!

So today I got back in the saddle and hit the road. Not much, mind you, but a run nonetheless. Aubrey came over and we ran a nice little easy 3 mile loop around the house. I felt ok, but my hip is still a little sore. I wish I knew why. I am just going to ease back into it and not push too hard and hopefully that will allow me to heal. I am still really bummed about the Grasslands. I was looking forward to that course. Ahh, well, there's still next year. On that note, I need to find a good race in April to work towards, so If anyone knows of any good races around here in April, let me know.

My son, Zach has decided that he wants to start training for a half marathon. He's set his sights on a 20k at Palo Duro Canyon in October and is really excited about it. He'll be 11 by that time so I don't think that he will be too young for that distance either. They also have a 50 miler so it will be a fantastic weekend of running. Palo Duro Canyon is gorgeous and the early fall weather will make it really comfortable temperature-wise.

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