Thursday, April 3, 2008


Today I had to force my ass out the door. I had a lot going on today with work-related stuff that kept my mind busy. Anyway, I finally got out this afternoon and put in an easy 4.5 miles at a 9:30 pace or so. Yeah, I know, really slow. I didn't really push it too hard cuz my legs were still a little fatigued from the hill workout that I did yesterday on the elliptical. I am trying to pull off some extra fat over the next month so I am trying to get in high intensity interval training using the elliptical. I can feel that my legs are starting to get stronger which will be good for me in Jemez. So on top of my run today I did my regular sets of dumbell presses and hammer curls followed by a pretty intense ab and lower back workout. Man, I hate those!! Oh, well, gotta look good naked next week, ya know!! Tomorrow I plan on a good 4-5 miles in the FiveFingers and then pull off a 15 miler on Saturday morning before I head to Hobbs for a 3pm-3am shift in the ER. I will be starting my contract with them on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so I will take all of my running stuff with me and see what kind of venues Hobbs has to offer. Should be interesting!


AnthonyP said...

Really make me feel like a slow-poke.

I think I force myself to get out of bed and out the door 3 days a week, at least.

Enjoy the 4-5 miles and your 15 on Saturday.

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

Hey, don't forget you beat me in Huntsville though!! Next time you may not be so lucky!