Sunday, March 30, 2008


Well, I didn't run yesterday, I had too much to do with the family. Oh, well, we had a great day together. I slept alot too which was much needed.
So today I was able to crowbar Aubrey out of the house after he'd taken the last full week off. He just really hasn't been into running much since Rocky so I have really been trying to encourage him. He would like to run a 100 miler early next year so he needs to get going. Anyway, we ran my simple 5k loop around the house. I kept our pace just under 9:00 and he handled it okay. He was glad that we didn't do the original 5 miles that we had planned. ha To make up the difference I am going to try and get in a good hill workout on the elliptical later tonight. I plan on a nice easy 10 miler tomorrow to start getting some distance back into my workouts so that should be exciting. We'll know tomorrow.

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AnthonyP said...

It is great that you got a weekend day of rest. I love those, but it seems like forever since I had one. My girls are 5 and 7 and sleep like logs, so when I get that weekend day off, I'm usually able to sleep in without much trouble.