Monday, March 17, 2008


I haven't gone out and run yet today so this entry is a little premature..............but I was excited. First off, my new job is going extremely well. I love the freedom of it. I love not having to deal with the politics of different facilities. And I love the 6 dollar an hour raise I got. Awesome. Secondly, I have an itty-bitty race coming up. It's the Bare Buns Run 5k at Star Ranch outside of Austin. These races are so much fun. If you've never had the chance to run a naked race then you absolutely HAVE TO! The people that you meet are just fantastic! Always helpful and always nice! Like I said before, it's incredibly relaxing to not have on clothes and just relax in the sun! Good times!!
I'll post another entry later today after I run and let ya know how it went. Later!

Addendum: 2:45pm
Ok, I ran 3.2 miles this afternoon and kept it at an 8:30 pace. My hip felt pretty good since I have been using the foam roller. I guess it was ITB Syndrome. It seems to be getting better. Anyway, for the next week or so I am going to focus on building speed because I want to WIN this race. I placed first in my age group last time in Decatur and 16th overall so now it's time to up the ante and go for broke. Wish me luck!

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