Friday, March 28, 2008


Howdy to everyone! I've been gone for the last three days working in Hobbs, NM in the ER at Lea Regional Medical Center. I was very impressed with all who worked there and the way things ran. There are obviously a few tweaks that could be made to run things a little smoother but all in all I had a great time working there. There were several people that went above and beyond to make sure that I was doing okay with everything. Thanks to them!

So finally after the last three days I got to get out and run a little while Zach was at practice. I just ran a little 5k but my pace was about 7:50 and felt really good. Taking the last few days off I think really helped my legs. My hip pain is completely gone and believe it or not, my left knee that has been trouble for the last 2 years is also completely gone. I haven't had to wear my patellar strap the last 2 weeks. Amazing! I should have bought a foam roller a long time ago. Oh, well. So tomorrow my plans include some time in the FiveFingers now that my feet have healed a little including the blister on my left big toe. I'll let ya know tomorrow how it went.

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AnthonyP said...

Loved your comment on my blog yesterday. :)
Good to see the few days off helped with your hip pain and left knee. I love my foam roller and use it religiously