Friday, January 4, 2008


Ok, so I need to vent a little. I am really trying to not get angry with the fact that I have been sick for a freaking week but it's getting harder and harder. I wanted to do 10 miles this afternoon and only made it 3.5 because my body is just exhausted from this effing cold. It's really set me back. I called and asked Kelli to come out and pick me up rather than walk home. I think I may take another couple of days off just to mend a little and then play catch up next week. Rocky Raccoon is coming up in a month so I have GOT to get some miles in. Hopefully this cold will relinquish it's hold over me pretty quickly although it's not looking like it's going to. I have a really good base so I can ramp up the miles relatively quickly once I get healthy again. Wish me luck! I feel a little better.

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