Saturday, January 19, 2008


Great run today!! I knew that we needed to go long today but we weren't sure how the weather would be. Luckily, once I got up this morning there was no wind. It was, however, only 16 degrees and I am quite the wuss when it comes to cold. Anyway, I bundled up, grabbed a couple of hand bottles with water, several gels, and my Succeed caps and Aubrey and I headed out from my house to 1585. We did a 30 mile out and back. Around 18 miles we ran out of water and Kelli and the kids drove out and brought a big jug to refill our bottles. Yay, my family to the rescue. We definitely would not have made it if they hadn't done that for us. So today was really the first day that I've been able to use the S-caps and WOW, what a difference they make. I couldn't believe it. I started taking one an hour after the first hour of running and just couldn't believe the difference. Even after we got back to the house after 30 miles of legs still felt really good. I felt like I could have kept on going without much effort. I never did feel fatigued that much. It was really amazing. Man, this could be a commercial but I'm telling the truth. I know that the way I feel is a culmination of several things including my training, and current level of fitness but the caps really did help. Even now as I write I still feel pretty decent. That's really good since the race is two weeks from today!

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