Saturday, January 26, 2008


It's really beautiful outside today. I just wish my body wanted to run a little further than it did. We had talked about running 12-15 miles today but neither one of us felt like it. I think my legs still had a little fatigue left in them from the the 30 miler last week. Anyway, we ran 8 miles and it wasn't too bad. I will attempt to get out and put in at least that tomorrow as well.

I went to the store today and got stocked up on GU and Accelerade so I would have plenty for the run next Saturday. I plan on keeping the bulk of my gels in my drop bag at the start line so I don't have to carry so many on each loop. I will also keep a baggy full of Accelerade there so at least one bottle per loop will have my favorite drink. I only plan on carrying one handbottle since we can refill at the aid stations. Also I definitely plan on taking an S-cap per hour. I will post more as we get closer.

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