Thursday, January 10, 2008


I got up this morning feeling pretty good after sleeping most of yesterday plus sleeping all night too. Aubrey and I ran a 14 mile point to point after I got the kids to school. It was nice out, not much wind and the sun was good and bright. It felt really healing. I love sunshine! The run itself was a flat one out on some country roads. I tried as much as possible to run just off the road in the dirt. Sometimes the weeds would get a little thick and I would have to return to the asphalt. There were a couple of areas where the cotton trucks were thick which was a little unnerving since there isn't much of a shoulder. We hadn't foreseen much traffic out there but now we know to watch for it. Still really trying to pick up the weekly mileage over the next couple of weeks so I am going to be busy. Gotta get ready!

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