Sunday, January 25, 2009

1/25/2009 "I'm Board Man!"

This weekend brought some fantastic running weather along with it! Today was amazing! I put in a little over 10 miles out on 1585 with 68 degree temps with no wind. I really feel for the people that don't get out and experience that kind of bliss. In retrospect I probably should have put in about 20 miles since it was so gorgeous! Oh, well! I felt really good after the 10 and I'll put in another long run towards the end of this week then taper for Rocky.

Ok, so I know you're wondering why I titled this entry "Board Man," so here ya go. BOARD MAN, Defender of all that is Inflexible, Stiff, and ummmm, un-yogalike! That's me! My secret identity is blown! For the love of all that is pliable, would someone help me?? haha I really need to start doing some kind of stretching routine or yoga or something! If any of you know of a good program or video for runners, please, let me in on the secret! I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, and Peace for now!


AnthonyP said...

It is killing me to hear about your 65 degree weather. It was 6 degrees for me on my 3 hour run this morning.

When are you arriving at RR, and where are you staying ? Wayne, Rick and I are at Holiday Inn Express just a few miles from the park.

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

I'll get there around 2pm Friday afternoon. Zach and I are pitching a tent at the park. We'll look for ya at packet pick up. Are you going to the dinner?

Running and living said...

Hey Mark,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I, too, don't do enough streching - would rather run another mile or two instead. I am sure that runners' world would have a program on their site. Also, if you want to combine stretching with strenghtening, I'd recommend Pilates (Windsor has a 20 min plan that puts me in touch with muscles I have never known I had before)

PJ said...

You should try Bikram yoga...or some other form of "hot" yoga. I think the heat in the room makes you feel less stiff and more bendy. Be careful though, it's like 104 degrees in the room.

PS - I hate stretching too!!

Rick Gaston said...

I belong to the same non-stretching club. Kind of answers the question why I have the core/groin issue in the first place. See you at Rocky. Where Tony is I will be also.