Thursday, January 22, 2009


Alrighty then, I didn't run at all while I worked, just too busy. I did, however, get out today and run an easy 8. The weather is just downright fantastic! A slight breeze and the temp is around 75 degrees right now. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer! Crazy! Not supposed to be able to run shirtless in January.

So Rocky is coming up pretty quick. I am borrowing Aubrey's big tent for this run so Zach and I can be a little more comfortable. Plus we'll have running water there too which will be soooo nice compared to the wet wipe route. ha They've put in another one mile kid's run so Zach is entered in it again. He's ready to go. I'll post more about our plans as it draws nearer. Gotta put in a couple more long runs over the next week too so I need to get busy.


Thomas Bussiere said...

Nice blog Mark. How is the weather in TX? I hear the temps can range from 20s to 70s this time of the year. Kinda like here in GA. I will be at the Rocky Raccoon (100) as well - 2 weeks and counting. I hear the tree roots are bad, and very muddy if rain fall above average.
Good luck,

Bob - said...

keep those legs fresh, maybe one more long run but I would keep them on the shorter side, enjoy your taper time ...You are going to have a great time!!