Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1/13/2009 The 50 Mile Texas Style Grand Slam

Well, it's official..........I'm a freak! I've decided to commit proverbial hari kiri and get into the mix with the 50 Mile Texas Style Grand Slam. I was flipping through races yesterday and came across this thing. It starts with the Palo Duro 50 miler which I've already completed and then the Rocky Raccoon 50 is coming up next. Two of the other races on it were also on my agenda for this year so the only thing extra I have to add is the Cross Timbers 50 miler. The tough part about that is that Cross Timbers is only 2 weeks after Rocky Raccoon!! I think it'll be an absolute rockin good time! I will have to run The Grasslands 50 in March and then the Rocky Hill Ranch 50 in April. The awards for completing the Grand Slam will be presented at Rocky Hill which is obviously the last race in the series. Pretty cool that I happened upon it and that I had already completed the first one in the series and had 3 others from it on my list to do in 2009. Fate, ya know?

Okay, so on another note, I received my new copy of Ultrarunning Magazine in the mail today. It has the story and results from the Javelina Jundred in it and I'M ON PAGE 10!! Of course, I'm in the middle of a pack of runners, but still, it's cool! My kids looked at me like I was famous! haha

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