Monday, November 17, 2008

Let's start this off by saying, first and foremost, that I had a wonderful time. Both running in beautiful country and also getting to meet so many good friends. Aubrey and I headed out on Friday morning around 0200 and drove to Arizona in my Xterra. It took us about 11 hours and 15 minutes. Not too bad. We actually got there early enough that we got to set up our tent right beside the headquarters. I was able to pick up my packet around 5pm and I was really pleased with the bag o' stuff. I got a really nice tech shirt from North Face and a set of black fleece Moeben sleeves, plus lots of other cool stuff. The pasta dinner hit the spot too and I got to meet a bunch of other runners which is always fun. I finally got to meet Tony of, one of my friends from the blogging world. It was really nice to meet him in person finally. Congrats on your finish, Tony, you are one tough mofo!
So anyway, Aubrey and I headed to bed pretty early that evening and slept really well. I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by 0400 and they had coffee for us to drink too, which was straight from the gods! After slamming a couple of Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme pies and washing it down with coffee, I was ready to go. The race started at 0600. We were pre-warned to not go out too fast on the first loop. So I didn't............I thought. I really felt great going out, enjoying the company of the different people on the course and just stretching out my legs in such gorgeous terrain. I loved the saguaros! They were really cool! Anyway, I made it around the 15.3 mile loop in 2:59. I grabbed a chocolate Boost and refilled my hand bottle and took off again. On the second loop I was able to catch up with Tony and his gang. We played leap frog for awhile and then I finally pulled ahead and would stay that way until the 4th loop. Also on the second loop I caught up with a fellow nurse from San Diego. Her name was Chris and we got to gabbing since we were running pretty much the same pace at that time. She got to talking about her friend that was running up ahead and we figured out that her friend was Jill, the gal that I ran with quite a bit at Rocky Raccoon. I caught up to her and we enjoyed catching up on our races and such. So on and on I went, finishing the second loop in around 3:09. Another Boost and a bottle refill and I was off again. I also stopped at the aid station and grabbed a couple of bean roll-ups. I really did a good job of fueling I think. I used the new GU Roctane as my primary fuel source and really liked them. I also changed clothes before I took off which seemed to help revitalize me a little. The third loop was fairly uneventful. I did run into a baby tarantula and thought he was pretty cool. Some other runners said that they had seen a rattlesnake and a coyote. I think I would rather deal with the baby tarantula. ha Anyway, at the end of the third loop I still felt pretty good, finishing it in about 3:40 or so. I was getting excited about finishing the 4th loop so I could have Aubrey out on the course with me as my pacer. It gets pretty lonely out there after awhile. About a third of the way into the 4th loop it started getting dark so I turned on my headlamp and listened to my Ipod for the first time during the race. This, however, is the loop where "it all went to hell in a handbasket" for me. I wish I could figure out what happened. I felt really good going into it but about halfway through the lap my right ITB just absolutely seized up on me. It was really, really tight. Then my left one started up. I really don't know what happened. My legs were absolutely gone. Even my right Achille's was starting to freak out. I was able to continue walking at a decent pace but it hurt like freaking HELL. The only thing I could think about was getting back to headquarters and using the foam roller on my ITB's and getting some Advil into me and see if that would help. The people that I had passed quite a bit earlier were catching up and passing me. That never really bothers me in a race cuz I ain't in it to win but it was really disheartening because it let me know that I wasn't moving very well. Tony caught up to me and we talked for a minute and then he was gone again, looking strong. He had had some heat issues earlier on but after the sun went down he was all over it. Anyway, I plodded along and eventually made it back to the headquarters. Aubrey and I talked about my predicament and decided that rather than really risk serious injury, I would call it quits and take the 100K buckle. Not at all how I planned it and I'm still not sure what I would have done if they wouldn't have had the 100K buckle option. This was my first stab at this distance and I decided out on the course that 100 miles is "a long fucking way to run!" I will definitely give it another whirl in the near future though. I have so many mixed emotions about the decision that I made too. I had so many friends really encouraging me to continue on and wanting to see me do well that it really made dropping at 100K difficult. However, considering how fucked up my feet are right now, I think I made the right decision. My feet are swollen double and my toes look like vienna sausages. I am fixing to lose about 8 toenails too. My ITB's don't feel too horribly bad today but are definitely fatigued. I will take about a week off and then pick it back up again.

For anyone wanting to consider Javelina as a race for 2009 I can highly recommend it. The aid stations and volunteers were top notch! The course is gorgeous and not too terribly tough. Make sure to do your heat training though. The heat wasn't really a factor for me, it felt just like home.

Ok, so, my plans for my next attempt at a hundred miler (don't know which one yet).
1. I guess go out slower. I thought I did but I guess it was just a little too fast.
2. I am going to start doing lots of strength training for my legs. I'm really tired of my fucking ITB's going crazy on me.
3. Continue to fuel and drink appropriately. This was one of my strongest points during Javelina. No stomach upset or bonking, energy-wise, at all!
4. If you have any other ideas of what I could do.....LET ME KNOW!!!

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AnthonyP said...

It was great to finally meet you. You battled through the ITB issue as best as you could - rest it, recover, and get back on the trails. Hopefully we can meet up at another 100 miler.