Saturday, November 8, 2008

11/8/2008 Buffalo Wallow

A 9am start brought cooler temperatures but it warmed up pretty quickly. A little too quickly actually. I wore a North Face pullover and a pair of CW-X tights and it was too much. Oh, well. Overall it was a good run. I finished in 2:09 so not the fastest but that's not what I was out there for. Just getting some more miles under the ol' belt before Javelina next Saturday. The hills, as usual, were pretty intense so I walked most of the long uphills. It's so hard to incorporate a walk/run with everyone around you "racing" to the finish. You can easily get caught up in the throng and take off way too quickly. I did well, I think, hanging back and taking my time. I'm not sure what kind of mileage I am going to put in tomorrow but I don't think it needs to be very far. I am really going to hit the foam roller this week too so I am nice and "kneaded" for next weekend. Anyway, more later. Ciao!



Amazing ... don't know how I ran across your blog, but I actually ran mile 11-12 with you in this race. I noticed you because you'd come flying around me and then a little later you'd be walking and I'd pass you.

We talked in the last mile about where the race would end and that at least we didn't have to go back up that monster hill.

Nice to meet a fellow runner.

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

It was nice to meet you as well! Holler at me anytime at if you'd like to get out and run a little.