Sunday, November 23, 2008

11/23/2008 Madeleine Diva

Not sure if I'm going to run today. I have been advised that maybe some rest will do me good and I tend to agree. On a lighter note, we have a new family friend. We picked her up yesterday afternoon late. Her name is Madeleine Diva, she's a dachshund puppy born on 9/24/2008. Cute as hell! Enjoy the video!


AnthonyP said...

LOL - who gave you that advice ? :)

Blog My said...

Hey Mark just read your report from JJ, so what do you think about your legs freaking out....I am thinking it had to be a fueling issue because it sounds like everything was going good and you didn't have any major falls or twists...and finally the lack of maybe s-caps or something caught up with you.

I truly nailed my fuel this time race and when my legs started to get tight I would make sure I had taking an S-cap within that hour or 45 mins during the day OR take a GEL...

anyways I have to work on my blisters issues--lol feet got SO trashed...geesh.

Have a happy thanksgiving and hope to see ya on the trails in 09'

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

Bob, I am totally lost on what happened. I felt like my fueling was right on. I took an S-cap or two every hour I was out there and I used GU Roctane and also ate at the aid stations so I don't know what the hell happened. I've had ITB issues before and that's what it felt like to me so I just assume that's what it was. I am definitely looking forward to seeing all of you guys out there again! Take care and have a great Thanksgiving.

PJ said...

Sucks to recover. I'm with you. THe more and more I do it, the more I am convinced that foam rollers are evil and amazing at the same time! But at least you have the new puppy...:)