Saturday, September 27, 2008


This morning's run wasn't as incredible as yesterday's. ha We just ran a little 4 mile recovery run and felt like shit the whole time. Man, you just gotta love running!! Yesterday we were on top of the world and today we were under it. In all honesty, it wasn't THAT bad but we were still chuckling that our legs felt a little fatigued. We did really push ourselves pretty hard yesterday on the 10 miler and really kicked it out at the end. We ran a 7:30 pace the last mile and I actually pushed it up to 5:30 pace the last 50 yards. Anyway, we just did the 4 miles today so we'll have some left in the tank for tomorrow.
I went ahead and ordered a pair of Speedcross 2's and they should be here on Tuesday or Wednesday. Looking forward to that! I love getting new stuff! I also need a new headlamp. Jemez did my last one in! Seems like Jemez was just out to get me.

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