Sunday, September 21, 2008


All humans should be forced out of bed early on mornings such as this one! Perfectly serene and amazing! It's cool and calm once again out there, another perfect morning for running. It's actually so cool outside this morning that I almost had to put on some running pants instead of shorts. I'm a real tit when it comes to being cold! I would never have survived the above photo shoot. It looks WAY too cold for me!! It is, however, one of my favorite Greenpeace photos.
Even though the morning was fantastic, we didn't have the time that we wanted to spend so we only ran 6 miles. Aubrey worked all night and has to get up early this afternoon for his grandson to come over. I am working tonight but only til 0300. I can get up around 9 or 10 tomorrow and we can get in a good 12-15 miles then I can go back to bed for work tomorrow night.

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