Thursday, September 25, 2008


Another nice, round 6 miler for today. It's getting a little repetitive I know but while we're working, it's all we can muster. ha On our next few days off we'll go longer. We're both feeling really strong out there so it won't be difficult. We have Crossroads coming up a week from Saturday and we're looking forward to that. On another note, I am kind of wanting to find a new trail shoe to start wearing. I have been running the last several months in the New Balance mr790's (the yellow ones cuz they make me feel fast!!). I really like them but I am wanting a little more cushioning and support without getting a heavy shoe. I am really, really fond of the mr790's simply because they are sooooo light and minimal but I think my feet and legs would benefit from more support and cushioning. Any suggestions for good shoes or comments would be appreciated. I have also thought about just getting some really good, cushioned insoles and sticking those in my 790's. I still REALLY miss my old La Sportiva Slingshots!! They were PERFECT!!

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Mikel J. Williams said...

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