Sunday, May 4, 2008


Got back from Hobbs last night.........finally. Long 4 days at work. I beat down my cold with the vitamin C after a couple of days and was able to get an easy 10 miles in at Hobbs yesterday am. Didn't feel fantastic but definitely workable. Today I took Zach and his bike with me and I ran an easy 4 miles just as a warmup for later tonight. I am going to put in 10-15 miles later tonight. But first........................I have to go see IRON MAN this afternoon. My whole family and I have REALLY been anxious to see it. I grew up reading Iron Man comics and he's always been a favorite. Of course, he doesn't come close to The Flash!! But he'll do in a pinch. Later, peeps.

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AnthonyP said...

Glad you kicked the cold. Doesn't it stink that we have to work and can't do this stuff all the time ?