Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today is my only day off until Friday so I used it as best I could. I went out to 1585 and ran an easy, quick 10 miles. Even with running 20 minutes and walking 5, my average pace was 9:37 according to my Garmin. Not bad. I felt pretty damn good too which is a good thing cuz I have to run FIFTY on Saturday. I seriously hope that I don't freaking die up on that mountain. With working out of town for the last 2 months my training has really been lax. I am hoping that my extra strength training will make up some difference. Anyway, there are supposed to be 4 "significant" climbs on this run and I don't think it means "significantly easy." Oh, well, left, right, repeat will get me to the finish line. I am really looking forward to seeing some of the ultra elite there as well, like Kyle Skaggs and Karl Meltzer to name a couple. I am not sure if many elite women will be there or not but I didn't recognize any of the female names. It will still be a lot of fun though and I'm excited. If you want to see some of the course pics take a look here.

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