Thursday, April 10, 2008


I made it home finally last night around 1 in the am. I never did get out and put in any miles while in Hobbs. I'm going to have some friends show me around Hobbs a little bit and see if I can't find a nice place to run. They've told me that fairly close to the hospital is a really nice 2.5 mile dirt trail which is supposed to be really pretty. I hope so, cuz (no offense, please) Hobbs, from what I've seen, is ugly as Hell. Anyway, I've been assured that it's not ALL ugly so I'll soon find out. I head out to Austin in the am and run the Bare Buns Run on Saturday. I will make sure that I take my Garmin so I can map it out. Not sure yet how I will do since I haven't run for the last 3 days so it should be interesting. I'll keep ya posted.

Addendum: 5:00pm
My friend Shawna called me this afternoon and cancelled on me for the run this weekend so I won't be going to Austin. It would be a really boring and mundane trip to go it alone. Incredibly disappointing! I will just do what I can to get some more beneficial miles in this weekend. They just won't be as relaxing and fun as they would have been at Star Ranch. Again, I'm really disappointed. Oh, well. Fuck!


AnthonyP said...

Come on out to Bear Mountain and slog through a bit of it with me !

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

Oooooohhhhh, very tempting!! That would be rockin! I wish I was closer and I'd do it in a second!