Friday, April 18, 2008


So I got back from Hobbs around midnight-thirty last night. I didn't get a chance to run since I only had yesterday am to do it and I overslept. Oops! I got out today and put in a little 5.2 mile leg-loosener around the neighborhood and that felt pretty good. I am really using the foam roller and stretching as much as possible to keep my legs in good shape for Jemez. I recovered really easily after my 11.5 miler last Friday and then the crappy little 4.5 mile wind fest on Saturday. I am off the next 7 days so I can get in longer distances throughout the week. Aubrey hasn't been involved at all, since he hasn't been wanting to run much lately. And man, does that make for long boring runs when you are all alone. I don't care too much for running with my Ipod but lately that is the only company I've had. I don't know of anyone else around here at my level, i.e. not very fast, that would like to run these crazy ultradistance races. Maybe someone will cross my path eventually.

P.S. I wanted to give a shout out to Shannon Farar-Griefer and tell her thank you. She and I ran together for a couple of minutes at Rocky Raccoon and I really enjoyed talking to her. Her encouragement really helped. Anyway, she sent me a bad-ass pair of flame pattern Moeben sleeves. I wore them on my run today and loved them. So for what it's worth I think everyone who reads this should run out and buy several pairs. You can get them at or

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