Friday, April 4, 2008


Yeehaw! Today's run felt really, really good. I took off and ran a 4 mile out and back from the house in my FiveFingers. My feet are still pretty tender but no bruises or blisters this time which is definitely an improvement. The weather is fantastic today too, 57 degrees and no wind. Plus nice, bright, healing sunshine. Just beautiful! I really enjoy getting out and running on days like this. I'm not sure yet what my run will be like tomorrow since I am heading out to Hobbs. I may have to wait until Sunday to get in some good distance.
Also my abs are a little sore today from my core workout since I added a ten pound medicine BALL while I do my crunches on a stability BALL. All I know is............I got a lot o' BALLS!

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AnthonyP said...

57 and no wind...I wish...we are getting rain, rain, rain.