Saturday, May 9, 2009

5/9/2009 Horseshoe Bend Canyon.......Revisited

This morning the kids and I ran the Horseshoe Bend Canyon Run with the WTRC. Zach, Makenzie, and one of Zach's baseball buddies, KC, ran the two miler and all medaled. The boys ran a 9:03 pace and finished 1 second of each other. Makenzie ran a 10:56 pace and finished as the first girl in her age group. I think she needs to push herself a little harder next time. She's a more natural runner than Zach but I think she got a little lazy today. However, they all had a blast! This was KC's first time to run a race and he really enjoyed himself! KC is FAST when it comes to running bases so I would like to see him drop the hammer at one of these races next time as well! Also one of my friends from work, Robert, ran the 11 miler and rocked it! He took first in his age group, running an 8:08 pace!
I had a fantastic race myself! I ran the 11 miler and finished in 1:38. Not bad for me, an 8:55 pace over 11 miles. I felt really good out there and again enjoyed the hell out of the scenery. It's so gorgeous out there! There was a really good turnout for all of the races too which always makes it fun.

Ok, on to more training! PEACE!


AnthonyP said...

Cool stuff. I am looking forwared to the day when my girls join me out on the trails.

Dave said...

Isn't it cool to see your kids take off. Congrats on a great day.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time with the kids and with Robert!!! You're looking awesome...being away from the ER suits you!!!!