Thursday, May 21, 2009

5/21/2009 Offer Me Some Motivation...........please!

Hey, guys! Ok, so what's up???? I CANNOT get myself motivated this week! I am eating crap, crap, and more crap! I haven't run since last Sunday! I've done a "little" strength training but that's it! I'm gonna turn into a fat ass if I don't get going! Hell's Hills is in 2 weeks!! Someone out there has the right kind of motivational speech to offer me! I just know they do! Lay it on me! Come on, Tony? Dave? Rick? PJ? Someone help a brutha out! Peace!


Bald Runner said...

go out and watch the movie "Terminator: Salvation". after the movie, wear your running gear and imagine that those "terminators" are trying to get bald runner (

Dave said...

I could go Marine Corps Drill Instructor (which usually doesn't work well with "hippies") or I can go mind games that I think works well with free spirits...let's go with that. Dude, you got 2 can do anything for 2 weeks...then take a have been running 50 milers like some people run 5K...go hard for 2 weeks, go kick butt at Hell's Hills...and THEN TAKE A FREAKING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!