Saturday, May 2, 2009

5/2/2009 A Morning Run with Huckleberry

My friend, Dave Elliott, came to town today for a nice morning run. His cousin is getting married this evening in Levelland and we took the opportunity to meet up and run a fun-filled, misty morning 15 mile hill workout. He showed up at my house around 8am and we took my Xterra out to Horseshoe Bend Canyon, just east of Buffalo Spring Lake. Horseshoe Bend is really a nice place to run, being a large part of the bike course for the Buffalo Springs Lake Ironman 70.3. The traffic is very minimal and the scenery is nice, nice, nice. There are 3 significant, long hills out there and we hit them all, including the steepest north one twice. All in all we had a fantastic time talking and just enjoying the views and the nice cool weather. The time passed relatively quickly and the 15 miles was done before we knew it. Dave said that he had pushed himself a little harder than he normally does which is fantastic! It's always motivating to run with new people that can inspire you and push you a little more. Hopefully I was able to do both! ha Dave got some good pics of the scenery and should post them to his blog as soon as he gets home. I had a great time and can't wait to meet up with him on the trail again sometime soon!


Dave said...

Mark, had a really good time yesterday. On my way back to the airport. Plan on having pics and blog uploaded in a couple of days. What a seriously good of my most enjoyable runs in some time....I'm your huckleberry!

AnthonyP said...

Hey Mark. How's everything going ? What are your plans for your first 100 ?

Rick Gaston said...

He should have been wearing his Huckleberry shirt. Yeah he was raving about the run. Good times.