Sunday, May 17, 2009

5/17/2009 Lazy SOB

Dudes and dudettes, I've been mega-lazy this last week. I ran the Horseshoe Bend 11 miler last Saturday and then an 8 miler on Monday then nothing else until today! I DID do some strength training but nothing exceptional. Not sure what the deal was other than maybe I just needed a break. I had planned on running a long run yesterday back out at the canyon but it was chilly and raining throughout the day. At least that's my excuse. ha Today brought beautiful weather so I headed out to 1585 for some speedwork. I ran a simple little 5 miles in really fast interval bursts. Those kinds of workouts just kill me! At times I would glance at my Garmin and during my bursts I was actually running a 5:30 pace. WHOA! Maybe I DID need the week break afterall!! Watch out, Rick, I may actually catch your speedy ass someday!! haha
Hopefully I can dig deep and drag my ass out of bed earlier this week so I can pick up the mileage again. Hell's Hills is less than 3 weeks out!

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Dave said...

I am telling you, since Grasslands, my long runs just haven't happened. Ran 18 this morning and that's the longest since March...You are right. You are going to have Rick looking over his shoulder because the naked runner has got his number.;-)