Sunday, August 3, 2008


Well, I am almost done with the contract in Hobbs. I only have two days left, next Saturday and Sunday. I am ready, ready, ready!
Ok, so of course I didn't run while I was there but tonight Aubrey and I ran 4 miles and I felt pretty decent. I have six days off and I plan on running all of them. We have definitely decided to run the New Mexico Marathon this month too so that will make for a good training run. We aren't going to approach it as a marathon "race" per se but just as the good training run. The NM Marathon is a smaller field than your typical marathon, usually around 300 or so. It's a beautiful course with the first 8 miles being gently uphill then you make a left hand turn and run downhill for 6 miles. It IS a Boston qualifier so if that's what you were into then it would really be a great race to use. With the downhills you can definitely make up some time. Anyway, we'll see how everything goes.

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AnthonyP said...

NM is the races with 300 or so folks in it that turn out to be the most fun (at least for me).