Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I talked to Aubrey last night while he was at work and he wasn't sure if he would run this morning since he was working all night. He's an RN in a Pediatric ICU, just in case I haven't ever mentioned it here. Anyway, I told him if he wanted to run then just to call on his way home around 0730 or so. If he didn't call I would get to sleep late and run later in the afternoon. I woke up around 0800 and he hadn't called yet so I fell back to sleep. Then..........he called. haha He had gone out to breakfast with his wife and in-laws. Anyway, we headed out to 1585 around 0900 or so and ran a really great 10 miles. Both of us are feeling really strong on the longer runs which makes me really happy. I was even able to bump it up to a 7:45 pace for the last mile. I won't be able to run again until tomorrow evening after work. I work 0700-1900 tomorrow and Friday.

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